“Chubby Little Loser”


“Chubby Little Loser”

David Bowie (David Robert Jones)
Born January 8, 1947 – Died January 10, 2016
English singer, songwriter, actor, and popular figure in music for over five decades, becoming acclaimed by critics and other musicians for his innovative work.

“Chubby Little Loser” – “Extras”

When Bowie appeared on Ricky Gervais’s TV show in 2006, he needed someone to play the piano while he mimed.

It would be his last appearance on TV and the song he played, Little Fat Man, would later be echoed in Where Are We Now?, a track on his 2013 album The Next Day


My background is in serious acting so doing something like “Extras” is a piece of cake for me.”

“It was fun working with Ricky, showing him pointers, new ways of approaching comedy he hadn’t really thought about before I think,” he said.

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