Last Wills – Gene Roddenberry

Last Wills – Gene Roddenberry

Gene Roddenberry (Eugene Wesley Roddenberry)
Born August 19, 1921 – Died October 24, 1991
American television screenwriter, producer, creator of the original Star Trek television series

Last Wills – Gene Roddenberry – Ashes

In 1992, some of Roddenberry’s ashes were flown into space, and returned to Earth, on the Space Shuttle Columbia mission STS-52.

On April 21, 1997, a Celestis spacecraft with 7 grams (a quarter of an ounce) of the cremated remains of Roddenberry, along with those of Timothy Leary, Gerard K. O’Neill and 21 other people, was launched into Earth orbit aboard a Pegasus XL rocket from a site near the Canary Islands.

Last Wills – Dusty Springfield

Dusty Springfield made her cat, “Nicholas,” a priority in her Last Will and Testament, by arranging that the cat was to be fed imported baby food and serenaded with Springfield’s songs.

Last Wills – Dusty Springfield – Bio

Mary Isobel Catherine Bernadette O’Brien (“Dusty Springfield“)
Born April 6, 1939 – Died March 2, 1999
British Pop Singer

Last Wills – Dusty Springfield – Note

Reports say that “Nicholas” had an indoor cat treehouse with various amenities, including catnip, scratching posts and a bed lined with one of Springfield’s nightgowns.

Dusty Springfield also arranged for “Nicholas” to “get married” to his new guardian’s pet cat.

Last Wills – Janis Joplin

She set aside $2,500 to pay for a posthumous all-night party for 200 guests at her favorite pub in San Anselmo, California, “so my friends can get blasted after I’m gone.”

Last Wills – Janis Joplin

Janis Lyn Joplin
Born January 19, 1943 – Died October 4, 1970
American Singer, Songwriter, Music Arranger

Last Wills – Janis Joplin – Note

Janis Joplin changed her will two days before her death. The provision in her Last Will and Testament read as follow:

Article Eleventh


If my Executor shall so elect, he shall be authorized, at the expense of my estate, but not to exceed Two Thousand Five Hundred ($2,500.00) Dollars, to cause a gathering of my friends and acquaintances at a suitable location as a final gesture of appreciation and farewell to such friends and acquaintance.


Ps – Last Wills – Janis Joplin – John Lennon

The last recordings Joplin completed were on October 1, 1970 — Mercedes Benz and a birthday greeting for John Lennon, the Dale Evans Happy Trails.

John Lennon, whose birthday was October 9, later told Dick Cavett that her taped greeting arrived at his home after her death.

Last Wills – Harry Houdini

In his Last Will, Harry Houdini left ten (10) random words to his wife.

Houdini stated in his Last Will that his widow should hold a séance every Halloween following his death and that he would communicate with her through those ten (10) words.

Last Wills – Harry Houdini – Bio

Harry Houdini (Erik Weisz)
Hungarian-born American Magician, Escapologist
Died October 31, 1926

Last Wills – Harry Houdini – Note

After his passing, his wife held such séances every year for 10 years, eventually stopping since Houdini did not make his presence known.

On October 31, 1936, Houdini’s widow held the “Final Houdini Séance” atop of the roof of The Knickerbocker Hotel in Hollywood, California.

A recording of the séance was made and issued as a record album.

Last Wills – Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte’s Last Will and Testament directed that his head be shaved and his hair be distributed among his friends.

Last Wills – Napoleon Bonaparte – Bio

Napoleon Bonaparte
French Military, Political Leader, Emperor
Born August 15, 1769 – Died May 5, 1821

Last Wills – Napoleon Bonaparte – Note

The clause of his Last Will and Testament read as follows:

“Marchand shall preserve my hair, and cause a bracelet to be made of it, with a little gold clasp, to be sent to the Empress Maria Louisa, to my mother, and to each of my brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, the Cardinal, and one of larger size for my son.”