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Philadelphia Pa Probate Lawyers

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Philadelphia Pa Beneficiary Lawyers

There are many factors that can affect the distribution of estate assets.

Sometimes there may be a Pa Will.

However, in other cases, there may not be a Pa Will at all.

Sometimes there may be a dispute involving the administration of the estate.

For example, a beneficiary may disagree with how the Pa Executor is distributing assets.

Philadelphia Pa Estate Administration Lawyers

Pa Estate Administration is the process of settling a decedent’s affairs.

When a loved one passes away, it can be an emotional time.

In addition to grieving, the survivors must tie up all the legal and financial loose ends.

This includes addressing their Pa Last Will and following its instructions.

Philadelphia Pa Estate Lawyers

In this paragraph, I want to explain that Pa Estate law has many areas of law.

However, all of these areas of law focus on taking care of one’s person and property.

Pa Estate Law involves all of the things that impact how a person makes decisions about their affairs.

Simply stated, an estate is what a person has in their own name alone when they die.

Philadelphia Pa Estate Litigation Lawyers

Generally, most PA Estates are easily settled.

Yet there are times when other factors complicate the issue, which would require more careful consideration.

For example, a family business that holds significant amounts of real estate may become complicated quite quickly.

Thus, estate litigation may come into play.

Philadelphia Pa Estate Planning Lawyers

A Pa Estate Planning attorney can help you create a complete Pa Estate plan.

A Pa Estate plan may include one of many documents. These a Pa Last Will, a Pa Power of Attorney, and a Pa “Living Will.”

Taken together, these documents comprise your Pa Estate plan.

It will protect your spouse and children if you become unable to manage your affairs.

Philadelphia Pa Powers of Attorney Lawyers

A Pa Power of Attorney authorizes another individual to make certain decisions on your behalf.

The Pa Principal signs the document – the Pa Agent accepts the document.

Philadelphia Pa Living Wills Lawyers

“Pa Living Wills” (Pa Advance Directive for Health Care) grants your Pa Surrogate the ability to enforce your end-of-life decisions.

Therefore, should you become unable to speak for yourself, your “Pa Living Will” will explain your desires with you medical treatment.

Philadelphia Pa Trusts Lawyers

Trusts are legal documents that allow you to control how your assets will be allocated or managed.

You are considered the grantor and the person that manages and distributes assets in the trust is known as the trustee.

You can also create a revocable trust. This would allow you to cancel or revoke it at any time.

Trusts can be set up for a child’s education or to reduce Federal Estate taxes.

Philadelphia Pa Last Wills Lawyers

A Pennsylvania Last Will is a very important document. It dictates how your assets will be divided when you die.

The Pa Executor administers assets from your estate. He or she will allocate your possessions as you specified.

You should periodically review your Pa Will to make sure it is still relevant and accurate.

Life changing events, such as the birth of a child or a marriage, may require amendments.

Philadelphia Pa Estate Litigation Lawyers

Most estates, especially when there is a proper Pa Will, are easily settled.

Yet there are times when other factors complicate the issue. This then creates a situation that requires more careful consideration.

As examples, a family business, an estate that is in bankruptcy or an estate that holds significant amounts of real estate may cause a Pa Estate to complicate quickly.

Philadelphia Pa Estate Taxation Lawyers

A Pa Executor of a Pa Last Will or a Pa Trustee of a Pa Trust has a fiduciary duty.

The financial assets of another person or entity, they have the responsibility of keeping accurate financial records.

The records should show how your money was handled while the fiduciary was in care control.

Therefore, a proper accounting can bring to light the wrongs should an issue arise with an interested party.

Philadelphia Pa Guardianships Lawyers

Human emotions run through the Pa Guardianship process.

Thus, realizing that someone is now incapable of caring for themselves can be difficult to accept.

Philadelphia Pa Probate Law Lawyers

The Pa Probate process, itself, is a very simple process.

However, it is merely the beginning of the Pa Estate Administration process.

It consists of settling all of a decedent’s affairs.

Therefore, it can (and does) involve many other things to do.

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